Rosenstock - Shippur Engineering and Logistics Consulting, Designing and Planning of Logistic Centers, Factory Operating Systems, Warehouses and Distribution Systems

Rosenstock – Shippur Engineering & Logistics has acquired 40 years of experience, on 1500 projects including the planning of warehouses and distribution systems, logistic centers, and manufacturing systems,; this in addition to planning and optimizing operating systems in small, medium and large companies in Israel and abroad.

The company’s chief priority is to lead with cutting edge, innovative logistics and planning. The Company was the first in Israel to introduce international standards, advanced work methods and creative thinking for the purpose of optimizing operations. These standards, in conjunction with maintaining the highest performance quality, reduce costs and operating expenses, thus achieving our goal of increasing our clients’ profits.

Our wide range of business activities, involve strategic and tactical operational planning.Our purpose is to establish business systems that operate at the highest level of efficiency and operational excellence. Our team ‘lives and breathes’ operations; we take care of all the details, from the smallest to the largest, in order to transform our excellent planning into your success.We specialize in examining operations all along the value chain.Strategic operational planning is the key to business success, and this is our expertise