Rosenstock - Shippur Engineering and Logistics Consulting, Designing and Planning of Logistic Centers, Factory Operating Systems, Warehouses and Distribution Systems

Designing an effective operating strategy is the key to business success, and that is our specialty.

More than 49 years ago, we engraved on our flag to be a leading and innovative company in the field of logistics and planning. 

Since then, and after having implemented more than 2,000 projects in a variety of industrial fields, we have been a pioneering firm in introducing the local industry with international standardsadvanced working methods and creative thinking to improve operations.

These standards and adherence to the highest quality of work, have led to savings in costs and operating expenses and the bottom line – an improvement in the customer profit line.

Throughout the years, we have designed numerous of logistics centers, warehousing distribution systems and production systems. We also worked to improve and streamline existing operating systems in small, medium and large companies in Israel and abroad.

The huge experience and know – how of our professional teams and the ability to examine operations across all value chain of the business is the key factor for your operations success! 8

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