Company Profile

Rosenstock Ltd. was established in 1973 by Mr. Yoram Rosenstock, and in 2012 the company merged with “Shippur Engineering & Logistics” (Improving Engineering and Logistics). This synergy between industrial engineering and mechanical engineering ensures optimal performance on all projects, enabling us to monitor the overall picture while paying attention to the finest details.

Today the Company is jointly owned by Mr. Yaron Locker and Mr. Uzi Shpigel, who are at the forefront of engineering in this field.

Rosenstock-Shippur Engineering & Logistics Ltd has decades of experience and a proven record for the largest and most complex logistics projects in Israel. . The company’s chief priority is to lead with cutting edge innovative logistics and planning. The Company pioneered introduction of international standards in Israel, along with advanced work methods and creative thinking for the improvement of operations.


Rosenstock-Shippur Engineering & Logistics specializes in:

  • Layout Design for Logistic Centers, Warehouses and Distribution Systems
  • Plant Layout Design
  • Improved Operational layout and Supply Chain
  • Information Systems for Logistics Management