Layout Design for Logistic Centers, Warehouses and Distribution Systems

A logistic center is the mainstay of a supply chain-based organization. It connects between purchasing, production and import and the end client and
manages intake of products, storage and distribution of the organization’s products.
Because of its vital importance to the entire organization, it is crucial to plan the logistic center professionally in accordance with the unique requirements of each organization.

Professional planning of the logistic center, takes into account all relevant parameters including geographical location, transport accessibility, regulations and municipality constraints, worker accessibility, energy sources and safety etc, and calculates these factors into a plan that will enable the logistics center to serve the organization’s specific needs in the most efficient manner possible.

Rosenstock –Shippur Engineering and Logistics provides consulting services for planning the functional operation of Logistics & Distribution Centers and Warehouses, from the first stages of design to construction.
The Company provides services to organizations of all sizes, small and big, global and institutional in numerous fields: security, food, pharmaceutical, spare parts, fashion, chemical industries, TPL and many others that require storage solutions, conveyers and distribution.

Our specialization:

  • Planning Automatic Logistics Centers and Distribution Centers
  • Planning Conventional Warehouses


Rosenstock –Shippur Engineering and Logistics designs and plans Logistics & Distribution Centers and warehouses always relating to those elements that differ from one sector to another, and include amongst other parameters:

  • Required storage capacity
  • Required performance (# of order line per day)
  • Packaging & shipping requirements
  • Volume and weight of the stored items
  • Various definitions regarding storage conditions (temperature, humidity etc.)
  • Shelf life and storage definitions (FIFO/ LIFO / FEFO…)


All these will impact decisions regarding the type of shelving, the transportation equipment, the layout of the aisles and placement of products.
And finally – an integral part of planning the Logistics & Distribution Centers and warehouses are the IT systems that support efficient inventory management which contribute to significant savings of time and manpower, prevent maintaining unnecessary inventory and depreciation while also avoiding shortages that may jeopardize the increase of sales


Consultation and planning of Logistics Centers, Warehouses and Distribution centers, must address a number of logistics issues:

  • What is the optimal location of the warehouse/ Logistic Center?
  • What are the optimal storage and operations methods?
  • Is it worthwhile integrating advanced technology into the operational system?
  • What method of distribution is used for end clients?
  • What kind of pallets or surfaces are to be used?
  • What are the dimensions of the packaging to be collected and distributed?


Rosenstock-Shippur Engineering and Logistics examines all alternatives for the logistics center and warehouse and finally proposes a clear recommendation for technology and optimal operations.
This includes a detailed scaled plan of the system and all its contents, on the AutoCAD program.


It contains:

  • Principles of the operational methods
  • The manpower required for operations
  • Description of work stations
  • Technical specifications for conventional storage systems
  • Automatic storage systems and transportation and handling
  • Defining peripheral movement at the site etc.
  • Plans for office areas


As operations planners, we define the functional building requirements by means of a construction guide- manual that provides characterization specifications for building the structure. We can thereby guarantee that the quality of the structure suits your needs for the period of time for which it is planned.


Construction characterization specs- document defines infrastructure matters such as:

  • Dimensions and height of the structure
  • Quality of the floor finish
  • Dimensions of all openings
  • The dimensions and height of the ramps
  • Height, positioning and strength of lighting systems
  • Requirements for sprinkler system etc.


This is only a small section of the details that concern us in order to ensure your operational structure’s success.


Choosing your conveying and handling equipment
The choice of your equipment for handling materials and products to be used for operations is an integral part of the planning process and it has a significant impact on the efficiency of the operations system.


Conventional equipment

  • Counter Balance Truck forklifts
  • Reach Truck Forklifts
  • Turret Truck –VNA forklifts
  • Side Loading forklifts
  • Storage Forklifts for double deep racking
  • Order Picking Trucks
  • Electric Pallet Lifters
  • Diesel Forklifts etc.


Automatic equipment:

  • Cranes
  • Shuttle systems
  • AGV’s –Automated Guided Vehicle System
  • Automated Radio Shuttle etc.


Logistics Centers Conventional Racking and Shelving – we design and plan using the entire existing range:

  • Standard warehouse shelving with single or double depth shelves
  • Flow Racks
  • Mobile Racks
  • Push Back Racks
  • Drive in Racks
  • Radio Shuttle systems
  • Mezzanines etc.


Automated Logistic Center Storage – our designs and plans utilize the entire existing range:

  • Supported storage racks
  • HBW – High Bay Warehouse
  • Mini-load systems storage and retrieval trays or containers
  • Shuttle systems with trays or containers
  • Vertical storage systems
  • Horizontal Carousel storage
  • “A-Frame” picking system
  • Pick by light systems. etc.


Purchasing – Specifications for procurement tenders to ensure the most suitable product
Our Company’s mechanical engineering division will provide you with functional purchasing specifications to ensure the highest quality, in English and in Hebrew, in order to prepare tenders for setting up warehouses and plant equipment, for purchasing of equipment, storage and transport equipment, whether conventional or automatic, storage systems, forklifts, dock levelers and dock doors, wrapping machines, pallet replacement machines, marking and bar-coding, terminals, information systems, work stations, etc.

Rosenstock –Shippur Engineering and Logistics Specifications for procurement tenders that ensure the most suitable product, neither sells nor displays suppliers in any area. We do recommend leading suppliers to our clients to ensure that the end product purchased will provide optimal operations efficiency at the lowest possible cost.

Bottom line – planning the warehouse is the essential link in managing a profitable and successful organization and logistics center