Plant Layout Design

Planning Manufacturing and Production Systems

Our Company plans manufacturing systems, and production shops ranging in all sizes in the industry.

In order for the production process to be efficient and effective, to ensure that utilization of the most valuable resources of the organization, manpower and time are maximized, professional, precise planning that is appropriate to the specific unique requirements of the plant and its production processes, are obligatory. High quality professional and precise planning all lead to improved productivity, saving work hours, time and money.

  • Functional factors in the planning of manufacturing systems:
  • Analysis of the production capacity
  • Specification and characterization of the various work stations
  • Analysis of the interface between production functions
  • Placement and orientation of conveyers systems according to the various production technologies.
  • Material handling between production cells
  • Storage and WIP areas
  • Positioning of raw materials and materials in process
  • Auxiliary and value-added functions (weighing rooms, sampling, QA, packaging)
  • Safety aspects of the plant
  • Defining report and control systems of the production lines
  • Operational manpower required


At all stages of planning, Rosenstock-Shippur Engineering and Logistics implements methodologies of “lean” management and operations of factories and storage system in practice and not just in theory.
Planning will ensure efficient flow of materials and maximum productivity while maintaining high levels of safety for workers and equipment in the factory.

The Company provides services to organizations of all sizes, small and big, global and institutional in numerous fields: security, food, pharmaceutical, spare parts, fashion, chemical industries, TPL and many others that require storage solutions, conveyers and distribution.