Rosenstock – Shippur Information Systems Ltd.

Rosenstock –Shippur Information Systems is owned by Yaron Locker, Uzi Shpigel and Mr. Dudi Ram who serves as CEO.

The Company specializes in consulting, designing and planning of logistic and organizational information systems and provides consulting and design solutions for all supply chain systems, organizational information systems, support and service centers, integration and system testing procedures.

Rosenstock-Shippur Information Systems is unique, in our ability to provide end to end solutions and ‘out of the box’ thinking and implementation, along with a wide systemic overview that enables integration of the client’s existing systems with new ones, finding the most appropriate and optimal solution for the client’s needs.

The Company operates with the understanding that an organization’s information systems are a means to an end, rather than an end in itself. These systems are the skeletal frames that enable a company to implement their business strategy, and realize their advantages to achieve their goals.

The Company’s strategy, our approach, is that the client is always our main concern and our role is to uphold his interests.

In order to maintain objectivity for our clients’ best interests, we do not represent any commercial entities, nor do we sell products or applications and software packages.

We examine the entire range of existing technologies and solutions on the market and assist our clients in choosing and adapting the solution most appropriate for their needs.

The synergy between Rosenstock-Shippur Information Systems and Rosenstock-Shippur Engineering and Logistics specifications and definitions of optimal, balanced and integrative solutions, between functional and engineering solutions and the information systems that operate and manage the solutions and the system in its entirety. This synergy provides the client with optimal end to end solutions.

The Company has vast knowledge, experience and an excellent reputation which positions it at the forefront with leading companies in Israel.


Rosenstock-Shippur Information Systems has a proven success record of:

  • Managers and staff with decades of experience
  • Satisfied, loyal clients
  • Synergy with Rosenstock-Shippur Engineering and logistics for an all round solutions
  • Unique work methodology


Rosenstock-Shippur Information Systems provides you with professional and objective support from the initial stage of identifying your needs, specification of requirements and processes, through examination of all alternatives and suppliers up to consolidation of a comprehensive solution that is personally adapted to the needs of your company, and following through with implementation and assimilation of the system successfully in the organization.

Our accumulated experience and knowledge, our professional manpower and our proven work methodology, assist our clients in making the right decisions throughout the lifetime of the project, saving time and money; we assist our clients in dealing with any difficulties and challenges that may arise during the project, all significantly contributing to the successful completion of the project.